Spero House: A Home for Hope
Spero (pronounced like the small but resourceful bird the "sparrow") is Latin for Hope, and hope is the heart and soul of Spero House.

Human beings are not born into equal circumstances, and those who are born into poverty face overwhelming challenges with low odds of success. To overcome that repressive start, Spero House will work to empower all of the individuals within a family (and the family unit) with the resources that are needed to break free from poverty. Spero House will also be a place where great ideas are applied and evaluated as part of ongoing academic research into educational curriculum and social service programs. The education center at Spero House communities will not only provide a full array of educational resources to its community, it will also be the center of academic research into education and poverty intervention techniques. It is the research and analysis focus of the Spero House organization that holds the most hope for helping to combat poverty.

Our task is far from easy, but we are not deterred by difficulty. Our motto is the Latin saying "dum spiro spero" , which means "While I breathe, I hope." It is that unwavering determination, not to give up hope but to always strive to help those in need, that truly makes Spero House a home for hope.