Creating Neighborhoods of Hope
Spero House is an education based initiative that is aimed at fighting poverty by combining real estate innovation, academic research, and the best nonprofit social service programs in order to create empowerment zones of hope for low-income families.

A Spero House campus will be comprised of four apartment buildings with a total of 96 units. The apartments will be high quality and modern, and there will be a mix of different units that can accommodate families as large as six people. The apartments, along with a 20,000+ square foot education and community center, will encircle a central park area that will contain playgrounds, cookout areas, a community garden, and a walking/jogging path.

What will make Spero House truly unique is the fact that housing is not the most important amenity. Even though Spero House will provide high quality, low-income housing, the key feature will be the education and community center. That facility will house a co-op of community, education, and social service organizations that will provide our families with a large array of resources aimed at breaking the intergenerational chain of poverty.

Spero House will provide high quality housing, but more importantly Spero House will be a community of individuals living within a caring community of supportive organizations.