Empowerment through Education
If there is one underlying theme that defines Spero House, then it is "empowerment through education". Spero House is truly unique in its effort to combine education with high quality housing and social services. In addition, Spero House is dedicated to ongoing and longterm research into the effectiveness of various methods aimed at combating poverty.

Spero House will be a physical community where families can transition out of poverty though education, training, and other important social services. The focal point of a Spero House community will be its education and community center. The first floor of the 20,000+ square foot center will house the early childhood education program to provide children age 0 though 5 with the social, psychological, and intellectual foundations that they need to be successful in life. The second floor will provide K-12 resources for homeschooling and after-school tutoring and college prep. In the evenings and on the weekends, the education center will transform into a facility where adults (the parents) receive training and education aimed at empowering them with life skills, education, and job training.

In short, a Spero House community will be a place where low-income families are immersed in an environment that is filled with educational and social service tools aimed at empowering them with the resources that they need to break free from poverty.